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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Name. Riley ashden.
Powers. Guardian powers. White & Black mage powers
Weapons. Different energy weapons.
Age. 19
Race. Human\guardian.
Siblings. mother Agnes. father Delmont.
    Were here to talk about A young man named Riley. He is how do I explain, wait this will be allot easier if we go back always. We see our young Riley in his house talking to his mom and father. "oh son you are going to be a great royal guard, you have practiced and practiced I am so proud of you the king is making you a royal guard." "Mother come on it's not that big of a deal I'm just becoming a royal, even as I say it I know it is an honor." "son i want you to know how much this means to me to know your going to be protecting the king and the Kingdom." "This makes me so proud, my son who came up from nothing to become a royal guard for the king. "It also doesn't hurt that I'm friends with the son of the head of the royal guards who is also becoming a royal guard."

    Don't say that you did this all on your own, you were the top of your class with him." "yes my son you were the best next to him you made a name for yourself, and we are so proud." She pinched his cheeks and smiled. "Mom come on I'm to old for that. "He smiled and hugged them both. "I have to go now i will see you at the ceremony, I love you both so much." He walked out and headed towards the castle where he meet up with his friend the son of the head of the royal guards. "Alexander he hugged him today is the day are you excited were becoming royal guards." "Well to be honest Riley, I'm not sure I want to be one I mean my father wants me to be one, But am i doing it to just please him?" "I want to do something that makes me happy not him, I love my father but it is my life what if I want to go traveling?"

    Do you want to travel, do you want to go on some biog adventure?" "Well I'm not sure maybe point is it is my life, but he decided what I was going to do when I was born." "What if it is not what I want, does he care what I want?" "I always try and tell him but I always chicken out, cause he makes me feel like I have to to honor his name." Well why don't you just go up to him and say it father I don't want to be a royal guard." "Because he has this big dream of me one day becoming the head of the royal guards liek he did, And if I don't I will sully his good name." "I mean sure he has never said it but I know he would if I did tell him this." "So I have to that's all there is to it even if it makes me unhappy well lets go get ready for the ceremony."

    Riley had a worried look on his face he was worried for his friend who was clearly unhappy. He went to find his friends father to talk to him he knew his friend would be mad but he didn't want him to maybe unhappy. He found him getting ready and he knew what he had to do but how to approach this. "hello sir Alexander it is nice to see you may we talk?" Of course Riley you can talk to me about anything." "Is something on your mind what is it speak up?" Before he could in walked Alexander the 2nd. "Father we have to talk it is important." "What are you doing here Riley?" "Anyways father we need to talk about me becoming a royal guard." "Yes I know I'm so proud of you you're the best in your class.

    "that's the thing father I don't want to be a royal guard I want to go traveling around the world see what is out there to see.' "What how dare you come to be right be fore the ceremony and tell me this rubbish." "You will become a royal guard and like it and then when the day comes you will become the head of the royal guards like me end of story." His father left mad as mad as a wet hen. "See what did I tell you he was going to get mad and not listen to me." "He spouted off about how i will one day be the head of the royal guards like him I knew it. "Maybe he will come around, maybe he will see things your way before the ceremony. Riley knew he wouldn't but he tried to make his friend feel better. "No he wont he is so stubborn I mean he wouldn't even listen to me of course i should not be surprised i knew he would never listen to me he never does."

    Then a man came in time for the ceremony he lead them all out to the front castle yard. "Well this is it time for me to spend my life unhappy." he walked past his father who had an angry look on his face he was not happy with his son right now. They walked to the front of the stage and the ceremony began. "We are gathered here today to witness these two Alexander and Riley be inducted into the royal guards." Just then as he was speaking a voice was heard. "Not so fast don't start without me." The a dark figure appeared everyo0ne screamed in fear and got up and began to run out of the castle. Where are you all going you don't want to miss the ceremony do you. He turned to Alexander and Riley and gave them a evil smirk.

    "So you're the two new royal guards, oh wait your not just yet and I promise you wont be." he charged up a burst of energy in his hands and shot it at Alexander and Riley got in the way and it knocked him back. "Now then you will die Alexander, you will suffer so." He made a dark knife appear in his hands and he threw it at Alex. his father tried to run and save him but it was to late the knife hit him right in the heart. the dark figure laughed. "Well this has been fun I will see you later and you will I promise you that." The he was gone not a trace of him all the people had ran back to the homes all that was left was the king, Riley on the ground hurt and Alexanders father over him. "my son please speak to me your going to be ok will get you help."

    "Father I'm so sorry I made you mad at me before the ceremony I'm sorry that I." He died right before he could finish speaking he died in his fathers arms. Alexander no he held his son and cried over him. "No my son no i will find out who did this and I will make them pay?" Then he was so shaking up he just passed out over his son. Then he woke up in a bed inside the castle he got up fast and ran to the king still shaken up though. Oh Alexander you're up nice to see you better." "Better I'm not better my son was just killed right in front of me he died in my arms." "How am I better tell me that." "I have to go I have to find who did this i will find who did this to my son and make them pay." "Absolutely not I forbid it it is out of the question."

"What do you mean out of the question I need to go find this son of a bitch and rip his A new asshole." "No your to close to the situation, I have sent out a few of the other royal guards to investigate. "Wait I want to go find." "no your to stay out of this do you understand that's an order from the king. "Yes your majesty I will not get involved." He said with a reluctant voice, you could tel by his voice he wanted to go find the son of a bitch who killed his son but by the order of the king he wouldn't go. Then he went back to his room and sat on the bed and in walked in Riley, he ran to him and hugged him.

    Oh Riley hes gone my son is dead and what's worse is the king wont let me go find the son of a bitch, he sent other royal guards out to find the son of a bitch." "Wait I have an idea you can go find the son of a bitch, yes you can Riley you will find him and make him pay." "Wait me you want me to go look for him but I was no match he knocked me back easily. "Yes I know but you can do it and the king wont know, we can keep it a secret. "Please Riley you have to do it not only for me but for your friend Alexander. "You two have been friends since you were born, please Riley for him?" "Well I guess I can but I have no weapons to fight with?" "Yes you do I was going to give this to Alexander when he became a royal guard it is charged pulse energy blade. Take it and find that son of a bitch and rip him a new asshole for me."

    " I will use it with pride and find that bastard who killed Alexander, what will you be doing while I am gone?" "Well i will be keeping things here in order making sure the king doesn't find out what were doing." "There's a secret way out of the castle right here in my room use it to sneak out of the castle so he wont notice you, Good luck Riley." Riley went out the secret passage way and went back to his house where his mom and dad were waiting for him. he went in and found them sitting on a couch. "Mom, dad your ok i was worried about you two I hoped you two would be ok." then he ran to them and hugged them. "Oh son your ok we were worried about you, we worried that you didn't make it out ok."

    The hugged him really tight and sat him down on the couch. "Mom, dad I have something to tell you it is very important your not going to like it but here it goes." "We know son we know what your going to say." "How could you know what I'm going to say?" "Well you see son when we saw Alexander die we knew what was coming, we knew you would want to go looking for the son of a bitch that killed him. "You see son were not who you thin we are. Riley was stunned he was also silent then he managed to speak a few words. "What do you mean do you mean you're not my parents?" "No were your parents were just not the parents you think we are." You see son your father here was once a powerful guardian, They were a group of warriors that protected the earth from any and all evil."

    "Yes son I was the head of the guardians, and your mother here is a mage son." Yes I'm a mage, infact I'm a high lever black and white mage, the highest level to be exact." which means son your a guardian and a white and black mage. Riley was stunned he couldn't even speak he was silent again. Then he finally said something so what does this mean I have powers?" "Yes son you have my guardian powers and your mothers white and black mage powers." Yes your guardian powers give you enhanced strength, speed and the ability to moves things with your mind." "Now my son my white mage powers give you the ability to heal and revive yourself and anyone else and other holy magic aswell, my black mage powers give you the power over the elements like fire, water, wind, lighting and ice and other black magic."

    Riley was still so stunned he just sat there for a few minutes trying to take this all in. So wait I have all this power and you never told me how come i deserved to know?" "Well because we didn't think you were ready to know and also maybe that you would never need the powers, son we wanted you to live a normal life." "What normal life I was going to become a royal guard hows that a normal life?" "Son please don't be mad at us we only did this to protect you, if anyone found out who you were and who we were many would come and try to kill you, Yes son may would want you dead." "well I guess i see why you did this but I still should have been told."

    Riley was mad at them but he had more important things to take care of. "Mom, dad I have to be going i need to go find the son of a bitch who killed Alexander." "We know son we just want you to be careful and stay safe." They hugged him tight and kissed his forehead. "Well with my new powers i should be safe, I must go now I love you both so much." Then his mom stopped him and handed him satchel. "Son take this this is my magical satchel you will need it." "What do I need this for, what good will it do me?" "It is magical you see it can hold many weapons and other items aswell."

    "Like that weapon you have, see just hold the weapon next to the satchel and it shrinks and fits in the satchel." "If you need it just reach in to the satchel and then grab it and you can take it out, it also works good for holding potions and other magical items aswell. "Thank you mom I will use it well." Then he placed it around his back and then hugged her and kissed her on the cheek I love you mom and he walked out the door and started to head for the edge of town. "Well here I go off to find the son of a bitch that killed you Alexander. He took out a picture of them and held it and shed a single tear. "I promise you I will avenge your death." He began to walk out of the village and into the world.

    So now you know the whole story about out friend Riley what adventures will he get in to what troubles await him. he is in for the adventure of a lifetime. Even with his new found powers he will have his work cut out for him. So lets wish him all the luck in the world cause he is going to need all the luck he can get. Crazysimsgirl4 codafitz Dae-Mellon daFox11 devilsbloods 


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michael lunsford
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Well let me start off by saying i love art of all kinds. see I have meet some people who tell me to pick one kind of art iI can;t do that. I love all kinds i like what I see and if i like something I will put it in my faves.

Now lets start with drawing i love to draw now i can;t draw people or people like or animals for nothing lol. I love drawing anything fantasy Yes I can draw demons, temples, castles and weapons. I love to draw weapons love love love it and i love drawing weapons for others aswell just ask I would love to. i draw all kinds of weapons i would list them but it would take for ever. plus i try and draw weapons no one has every seen before totally unique weapons. Things that will make you go how would you even use something like that. Then my demons i try and draw demons that are really scary but i don't just draw demons i draw all kinds of creatures aslong as they are not human shaped I'm good lol. I believe I have over 2500 drawings not sure when I counted last so it is safe to say I love to draw.

Now I also love doing digital art with my ms paint program I do mostly abstract just thing i think look so cool. whatever my mood is that's what I do. Sometimes I do blues and reds, or rainbows and blacks and whites whatever my mood strikes me? Sometimes it will take me hours to do one cause I want it to be just right. you know what they say you're your own worst critic lol.

Okay now lets talk about somethings that inspire me. One my beautiful boyfriend he is one of my biggest insparations. his loving words and constant support has been a big help. 2nd i love Enya her music is so soothing and relaxing when i listen to her i feel so at ease she is my favorite music artist in the world. 3rd i love Celtic music. i love Celtic thunder and Celtic woman but i love all kinds of Celtic artists. Celtic music to me is just so relaxing and peaceful. 4th just about anything can really inspire me just depends. Sometimes i look at weapons for video games and then I'm like wow I like that so I draw weapons like that one I saw or if I saw one on line i liked i will draw weapons like that one.

Now about me lets see if I can give a few fun facts. lets see I'm 29 years old from from west Virginia I'm gay and proud to be gay. I have a boyfriend of one year now. I can sing a few songs in Gaelic, Latin and Italian. even though I'm not the best singer my boyfriend loves my voice. I do love love love to eat I'm large and in charge chunky yet funky. Oh I love video games I will whoop your ass at any mortal kombat game any. well I'm sure there's more but this will have to do for now hope to meet a lot of new artist and make new friends aswell. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


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