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long dark hallways that never seem to end, shadows on the walls reaching out to pull me down. False voice leading me astray calling me to them, telling me come to safety. I try to run but they drag me down into the shadows. safety turns to fear and laughter. Cold laughter piercing me like a thousand knifes. I hear a faint voice thinking it is you my heart races, but only more cold laughter. Then a big black door opens to a long winding road with a sign, follow me, follow the long winding road to your dreams.A fork in the road in each fork I see my dreams but only dreams that begin to fade. no matter which road fork I take it will only be fading dreams. Then the forked roads turn into one long road, I walk down only seeing people pointing and laughing, cold hands ripping at me taking pieces of me. the road ends at a big wooden chair that says dream maker on it, I sit in the chair hoping for my dreams to be come reality. Sitting in the chair it traps me forcing me to watch my dreams go by like dark clouds in the sky. fear comes over me like frost freezing me to the chair, A man with a long spear comes to me and begins to stabbed me with it and darkness pours out of me, you are nothing but darkness and that's all you will ever be, your life has no meaning the man keeps stabbing me. The man laughs and turns into a shadow and flies right through me knocking me back I fall into a large moving river still frozen in fear to the chair. A hand reaches out for me to grab but every time I go to grab it,it pulls away. I begin to cry the river growing larger from my tears. The river ends and the chair disappears, I then come to an opening with a fire, the ground shakes and the fire gets bigger and bigger I am surrounded by flames Fiery hands come at me and begin to pull me and burn me. my tears only fanning the flames, hearing more faint voices I run burned and beaten, But false hope finds me again. Then nothingness then a large shadow comes and stands over me it is time your end is near I shall now rip out your heart. The hands of the shadowy figure reach in and rip it out, a lonely bed I crawl heartless to the bed I get in laying there motionless. I see you walk in not sure if your real you fight off the shadow and take my heart back you come over to me and tell me it is okay you place my heart back, I feel warmth still not sure if it is really you, you get in the bed and hold me It is okay your pain is over I am here the room goes pitch black and a single beam of light covers the bed. The burns, the scares, they all go away. My pain is finally over a single tear drops from my eyes and hits the bed and the bed fades away as the room goes black. codafitz Dae-Mellon daFox11 Crazysimsgirl4 nevada-nau 


michael lunsford
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Well let me start off by saying i love art of all kinds. see I have meet some people who tell me to pick one kind of art iI can;t do that. I love all kinds i like what I see and if i like something I will put it in my faves.

Now lets start with drawing i love to draw now i can;t draw people or people like or animals for nothing lol. I love drawing anything fantasy Yes I can draw demons, temples, castles and weapons. I love to draw weapons love love love it and i love drawing weapons for others aswell just ask I would love to. i draw all kinds of weapons i would list them but it would take for ever. plus i try and draw weapons no one has every seen before totally unique weapons. Things that will make you go how would you even use something like that. Then my demons i try and draw demons that are really scary but i don't just draw demons i draw all kinds of creatures aslong as they are not human shaped I'm good lol. I believe I have over 2500 drawings not sure when I counted last so it is safe to say I love to draw.

Now I also love doing digital art with my ms paint program I do mostly abstract just thing i think look so cool. whatever my mood is that's what I do. Sometimes I do blues and reds, or rainbows and blacks and whites whatever my mood strikes me? Sometimes it will take me hours to do one cause I want it to be just right. you know what they say you're your own worst critic lol.

Okay now lets talk about somethings that inspire me. One my beautiful boyfriend he is one of my biggest insparations. his loving words and constant support has been a big help. 2nd i love Enya her music is so soothing and relaxing when i listen to her i feel so at ease she is my favorite music artist in the world. 3rd i love Celtic music. i love Celtic thunder and Celtic woman but i love all kinds of Celtic artists. Celtic music to me is just so relaxing and peaceful. 4th just about anything can really inspire me just depends. Sometimes i look at weapons for video games and then I'm like wow I like that so I draw weapons like that one I saw or if I saw one on line i liked i will draw weapons like that one.

Now about me lets see if I can give a few fun facts. lets see I'm 29 years old from from west Virginia I'm gay and proud to be gay. I have a boyfriend of one year now. I can sing a few songs in Gaelic, Latin and Italian. even though I'm not the best singer my boyfriend loves my voice. I do love love love to eat I'm large and in charge chunky yet funky. Oh I love video games I will whoop your ass at any mortal kombat game any. well I'm sure there's more but this will have to do for now hope to meet a lot of new artist and make new friends aswell. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


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lydia-san Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there :wave: thank you so much for the watch, it means a lot :iconbegplz:
Alisterlebeau Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
You're quite welcome I love all kinds of art. I draw mostly demons,temples, castles and weapons. I also do digital art on my ms paint program.
Eweeka Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the watch! :D
I really appreciate it! :heart:
Alisterlebeau Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You're quite welcome I love all kinds of art I draw mostly demons,temples, castles and weapons. I also do digital art art on my ms pant program.
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thanks for the watch dear! have a nice day!
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Your welcome I love all kinds of art. I draw moistly demons, castles, temple's and weapons. I also do digital art on my ms paint program.
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Thanks for the favourite and watch, I appreciate that you like two of my sims and I hope you'll enjoy my future posts as well! Your artwork is amazing btw, keep up your good work! :DFav fella (Badge) la in love 
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I will enjoy them for sure and thanks for faving my drawings
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Thank you for the watch!:D
Alisterlebeau Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Your quite welcome I love all kinds of art. I draw mostly demons, castles temples and weapons. I also do digital art on my ms pant program.
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